REWA has years of experience in providing wholesale services upon an extensive range of electronic related products covering mobile phone spare parts, tablets spare parts, MacBook spare parts, repair tools and materials, as well as refurbishing machines. We adhere to the principle of " Quality Above All " through the whole producing and testing processes, whether past, present or future.

  • Moblie Phone Spare Parts

  • MacBook Spare Parts

  • Repair Tools&Materials

  • Screen Refurbishment Parts

  • Mobile Phone Accessory


With a professional repair team and dedicated technical department, REWA is capable of offering chip-level motherboard repair services and screen refurbishment services to our clients. If you are annoyed with tough motherboard repairs, broken screens, or used phone refurbishment, turn to us for reliable third-party repair services.

  • Ten years of industry experience

  • Professional Technical Team

  • Industry and customer recognized testing standards


To help the global wireless industry deal with the E-waste problems prevalent today, REWA is also committed to working with our clients to recycle cellphone parts like motherboards and screens to save our planet.

  • Traditional E-waste Disposal

    E-waste contains many toxic substances that can cause environmental pollution

  • Traditional E-waste Disposal

    Low Buyback Price Unclear Recycling Process

  • Traditional E-waste Disposal

    High Buyback Price Fast Payment


REWA has launched repair training solutions aimed to offer technical support to repair shops, which includes cell phone repair training, MacBook & iPad repair training and broken screen refurbishment training. With our offline and online repair training courses, you can learn circuit theory, master hands-on repair experience and have direct interaction with instructors and ultimately learn how to gain more profits from repairing.

  • iPhone Logic Board Repair Training

  • iPhone Data Recovery Training

  • MacBook Logic Board Repair Training

  • Broken Screen Refurbishment Training