The rapid changing cell phone industry has resulted in a fast-growing surplus of electronic waste on Earth, this situation deserves more attention from lots of countries, NGOs, human beings as well as enterprise citizens like REWA.

rewa tech

We hold the belief that all the value of each consumer electronic device should be fully explored before ending up with landfill.

For one thing, we are building the environmental management system which meets the requirements of international certification; For another thing, we are always reducing the amount of garbage generated by the old cell phones while lowering environmental impact. That's why we brought in LCD Buyback Program.

rewa tech

As an enterprise citizen, it's our responsibility to put environment-friendly and charity into our business DNA. That's how we set up "REWA Green Fund" at the end of 2015. We will take certain percentage of our turnover each year to sponsor social activities related to environment protection, education, family care etc. Your trust of REWA is definitely another support for this fund.

We believe there are still more we can do; REWA will keep moving on charity together with you.

Let's join hands together to make a greener planet!