Over 10 years’ development in this dynamically changing consumer electronics industry, REWA currently has an entrepreneurial presence in over 60 countries worldwide and nearly 100,000 clients. Through the years, we have developed a deep understanding of the importance of logistics supply of cell phone parts and services for mobile phone repair and refurbishment businesses. As such, we are constantly striving to provide top-level solutions to meet the different needs and requirements of parts distributors, wholesalers, refurbishment factories, repair facilities, as well as online resellers.
REWA has years of experience on providing wholesale services upon an extensive range of electronic related products covering mobile phone spare parts, tablets spare parts, MacBook spare parts, repair tools and materials, as well as refurbishing machines. We adhere to the principle of " Quality Above All " through the whole producing and testing processes, whether past, present or future.
Mobile Phone Spare Parts
MacBook Spare Parts
Repair Tools & Materials
Screen Refurbishment Parts
Mobile Phone Accessory
Since the demands of electronics repair is growing worldwide, more and more start-ups and amateurs get involved in this industry. REWA therefore has launched repair training solutions aimed to offer technical support for repair shops, which including cell phone repair training, MacBook & iPad repair training and broken screen refurbishing training. With our offline and online repair training course, you can get clear circuit theory analysis, hands-on repair experience and direct interaction with instructors and ultimately learn how to gain more profits from repairing.
iPhone Logic Board Repair Training
iPhone Data Recovery Training
MacBook Logic Board Repair Training
Broken Screen Refurbishment Training
With a professional repair team and dedicated technical department, REWA is capable of offering repair services and guides for tough repairs that cell phone repair shops hard to deal with. Up to now, a full range of repair services are developed to meet customers’ demand all-around, covering chip level motherboard repair service, broken screen refurbishing service and repair training service. If you are annoyed with tough motherboard repairs or broken screens, turn to us for reliable third-party repair services; If you are planning to get deep into the mobile phone repairs, turn to us for professional repair courses. REWA is always here to help you build and boost your cell phone repair business.
Chip Level Motherboard Repair
Broken Screen Refurbishment
Online Support
To help the global wireless industry deal with the E-waste problems prevalent today and save our planet, REWA partners with numerous professional recycling industries, refurbishing enterprises and reverse logistics providers to help them develop their recycling and refurbishing services. We make sure that damaged, cracked, broken LCD screens of all types are properly recycled or recovered as per environmental standards. In regard to the recycle and resell Solution, REWA has launched not only LCD and used phone buyback program, but also used phone wholesale solution.
LCD & OLED Buyback
Motherboard Buyback
Used Phone Recycle
Used Phone Wholesale