How To Fix No Service On iPhone6

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Have you came through "no service" on your iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus? What does it mean when your iphone says no service? it means you can't use it for the basic things, such as texting, calling, and using mobile data. You won't be able to use the mobile internet until you get rid of the error. The same thing goes for messages and calls. The issue will appear in the areas with no network coverage, or in the areas where network coverage is poor when you can also see a message "searching for service".

There are external and internal causes for ‘no service’ problem, which means no one-size-fits-all solution. REWA here presents you a professional iPhone 6 no service solution video and steps with pictures that deals with hardware failure with the help of our newly developed maintenance drawing. 

These are the detail steps with pictures for how to fix no service on iPhone 6:

1. Turn on the phone, searching for the signal – no service. Spread out the dialer board, enter ‘*#06#’ for IMEI code – no results. We can draw the preliminary cause as signal failure.

2. Go to Settings – General – About, IMEI code displays right, SIM card readable, and Modem Firmware functions normally.

3. Disassemble the phone, detach phone battery, take down the LCD screen assembly, then take out the motherboard.

4. Remove the shield plate on motherboard with cutting nipper(Hot air gun is not recommended here because the shield plate is hard to remove and high temperature might cause damage to components nearby). Attach motherboard to PCB holder.

5. Apply some BGA paste flux to the baseband CPU, blow it with hot air gun at 300 degrees centigrade. After a while, take down the baseband CPU.

6. Clean the tins on the bonding pad with soldering iron, then dip some rosin with Goot wick for secondary cleaning. After that, clean it again with PCB cleaner.

7. Roll out the maintenance drawing for reference. Point out the U1 Y1 pin as data signal failure. Test the U1 Y1 pin of the baseband CPU with digital multimeter, no resistance. We can conclude that the pin has been disconnected.

8. Scrape the insulation varnish off the U1 Y1 pin circuit, solder the tins on the circuit with soldering iron for cable welding afterwards. Then align a solder added copper wire with a diameter of 0.02 millimeter to the exposed circuit with soldering iron. Clean it with PCB cleaner.

9. Apply some UV curable solder mask to the aligned copper wire, then put it under the UV dryer lamp for 10 minutes.

10. Apply some rosin with soldering iron for cleaning, PCB cleaner afterwards. Once finished,reball the baseband CPU with BGA reballing stencil.

11. Apply some soldering paste with BGA scraper and smear evenly on the right place. Blow it with hot air gun for formation, take it down and blow it with hot air gun again.

12. Apply some BGA paste flux to the bonding pad, align the CPU to the right place, blow it with hot air gun at 280 degrees centigrade.

13. Once the motherboard is cooling enough, clean it with PCB cleaner. Afterwards, install the motherboard to the phone and test – IMEI code functions well.

For more details on mobile phone repairing guide, please go to REWA Youtube channel or visit REWA Blog.

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