How To Fix The iPhone Touch Unresponsive Problem

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Did you get your iPhone 6 / 6 plus touch screen unresponsive? Many people feel so annoyed when their iPhone touch screen can not work , especially in the moment of fierce urgency. In this video we give you the solution to fix the iPhone touch unresponsive problem that only by replacing the touch IC.

Touch screen unresponsive fault analysis 

A design defect has resulted in tons of iPhone 6/6 Plus touch doesn't work. There are 4 chips on iPhone 6 Plus logic board that handle touch functionality, they are U2402, U2401, U1202, U1501. U2402 synchronizing signal connect with display connector and U2403 touch IC, this signal is the root cause of touch not responding and screen flickering. 


Step 1: Separate the display assembly from the rear case with suction cup, remove screws on the metal cover, disconnect the display assembly flex cable, disconnect battery connection under the metal cover and take out the logic board. 

Step 2: Fix the motherboard on PCB holder, tear off the shieding cover, add some paste flux and blow it at the temperature of 300.C. 

Step 3: Two minutes later, pry out the IC, scrao off the tin on the bonding pad with soldering station. 

Step 4: Clean off the residual tin with solder wick and rosin solfer flux. 

Step 5: Clean the bonding pad with PCB cleaner. 

Step 6: Test the circuit between U2402 and M1 before welding a new touch IC. 

Step 7: Coat the PCB bonding pad with paste flux. 

Step 8: Put the touch IC into bonding pad(take care of the direction), Blow it for two minutes with hot air gun at the temperature of 300.C. 

Step 9: Clean the touch IC after it cooled down. Install logical board and assemble the display assembly. 

Power on and test the iPhone 6 Plus, the problem goes away and touch screen functions well.

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