How To Fix iPhone 6s 3D Touch Backlight

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This is a cheaper solution to fix iPhone 6s 3D Touch Backlight. It is similar to an iPhone 6 backlight, only with a different flex connector: If your 3d touch is still working, you'll only need to change this backlight part. Much cheaper than a complete backlight. Here are the steps, to change the backlight part on an iPhone 6s. You can now transfer iPhone 6 backlight to 6S backlight, which saves you a lot each piece, check it out today.

Step1. When we get the iPhone 6S, we should test the iPhone 6s screen first, and we found the backlight can not display properly, but the 3D touch functions well.

Step2. Now we should tear down the defective iPhone 6S backlight, melt the spot on the LCD backlight flex cable, heat the screen for 10s, take down the backlight and then take off the 3D touch module and LGP, keep them; After take off the 3D Touch module, you should clean the glue residue, then you should take off the LED light

Step3. Install iPhone 6S LED light to the metal plate, spread B7000 glue including the two corners

Stick the LED light into it and then clean the LCD backlight module

Step4. Transfer iPhone 6 backlight to 6s, tear off the last layer of iPhone 6 backlight; align the rest with the 6s backlight module and stick into it; tear off the iPhone 6 LED light, Test the backlight with ampere meter and work properly and then clean the iPhone 6s LCD screen, Tear off the protective on the backlight, align the backlight LCD and into it. Joint the welding spot with soldering station neatly, Paste the welding spot with anti-static tape, connect the LCD to iPhone 6s logic board, Screen testing on pure black white and gray color.

At last: Touch and 3D touch function is good condition.

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