How To Repair iPhone 6 Not Charging

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Have you met after charged one hour, but the battery power becomes less? Do you know how to fix your iPhone not charging problem?First, we need to know what reason result in your phone not charging, that is charging fault ananlysis. Second charing fault detection, and then repair. Let's follow REWA step by step video recording to fix iPhone 6 not charging.

Charging fault analysis

Plug dongle to computer, open PCB diagram software, iPhone 6 PCB diagram, Charing voltage input PP5V0_USB, battery voitage PP_BATT_VCC, Battery electric quantity dectection BATTERY_SWI_CONN, Connect U1401,Tigris charger, USB control IC, overvoltage protection signal, U1700 damage can result in not charging, reboot and connect computer failure ect.

Charging fault detection

Open iPhone 6 screen, take down the screen, pull up the battery connector from logic board. The coltage is about 2.0V after measurement through stitch battery is ok.

Plug to charger, the voltage is 0.5V(normal 1.8V - 4.2V) after measurement through FPC connector, logic board can't charge


Take out the logic board, fix the logic board with PCB holder. Blow the shield cover with 320℃ air hot gun and take off it. After blowing for 1 minute at 240℃, scrape off the black ashesive. Blow the Bonding Pad for 1 minute at 300℃ until the tin melts, pry the chip with sculpture knife, apply some Paste Flux, remove the tin on bonding pad, apply some rosin on the Solder Wick and slick Bonding Pad, clearn the Bonding Pad with PCB Cleaner, align the new chip in right direction through stitch. Blow the chip with hot gun for 1 minute at 280℃. Install the logic board after cool down

Detection and Troubleshoot

Plug the charge, the voltage ranges between 1.8V and 4.2V indicating charging IC works properly, install the LCD and charge, after 1 hour the battery can charge properly

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