How To Repair iPhone 7 Touch Screen Not Working

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It's natural to feel frustrated when your iPhone 7 touch screen is not working. You can't use your iPhone for many things such as making calls, through pictures, read news or chat by social networks...iPhone (especially iPhone 6/6S/7/7 Plus) touch screen not working is a common repair issue for Apple users,and there are many reasons for the iPhone screen unresponsive to touch and iPhone screen not responding. REWA here presents a chip level repair solution video steps to fix your iPhone screen not responding, that can be fixed at home, and recommend some great repair options, if it comes to that.

Why is my iPhone Touch screen not responding?

There are a lot of reasons why your iPhone touch screen unresponsive to touch. Thankfully, there are also a lot of ways to fix those problems. The first thing we need to do is figure out why your iPhone touch screen. Usually, the problem is caused when the physical part of your iPhone's display that processes touch stops working correctly or when your iPhone's software stops “talking” to the hardware the way it should. In other words, it could be a hardware or a software problem. Troubleshooting iPhone software problems typically doesn't cost anything. It's also easier than prying off your screen with suction cups (please don’t do this). But Rewa is focused on hardware fixes.


There are steps to teach you How to repair iPhone 7 touch screen not working:

1. Phone Disassembling

Turn on the phone, the touch function is incapacitated. Remove charging port screws and detach the display assembly. Disconnect flex cables and remove logic board screws. Then take out the logic board.

2. Malfunction Diagnosing

Test resistance of the display assembly connector with digital multimeter. Resistance of pin 10 displays abnormal value (470 under normal circumstances).

Roll out the maintenance drawing for reference.

Pin 10 worked as AP_TO _TOUCH _MAMBA _CONN _L signal. The signal was connected with CPU AT2 pin via inductor FL3904.

Circuit between pin 10 and inductor FL3904 displays normally.

Test resistance from inductor FL3904 to CPU, the device displays normal value. Then we can draw the conclusion that inductor FL3904 was damaged.

3.Malfunction Repairing

Take down the inductor with soldering iron.

Solder tins on the copper wire. After that, connect the two bonding pads of the inductor with the copper wire. Then cut off the rest of it with a sculpture knife.

Test pin 10 resistance with digital multimeter again, this time we get a normal value, which means the problem has been fixed.

4. Function Testing

Clean the bonding pad with PCB cleaner.

Assemble the phone and test. Touch function is back to normal.

For more details on iPhone 7 touch screen not working repair guide, please go to REWA YouTube channel

Tools Used:

Maintenance Platform

Tweezers (ESD–10 / ESD–15)

LCD Opening Pliers (M)

Digital Multimeter

Electron Microscope

Soldering Iron

Sculpture Knife

Anti-static Wrist Strap


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