How To Insert Two Nano SIM Cards And A Micro SD Card In Samsung

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Warm Prompt: 

1. Attention that you may break your SIM card, Micro SD card and/or Galaxy S7 Edge by these instructions.

2. Skilled technician is required for the operations.

3. This video is only for technique sharing.

4. The device in the video is dual-SIM card version Samsung S7 edge 

Those who need the dual SIM cards on their device might have been disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.Because you can either choose Extra Space; or Dual Sim with internal space.

How to insert two Nano SIM cards and a Micro SD Card in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge? Here we have the solution for you. 

Tools & Materials list:

1. Thermostatic LCD Hot Air Gun - Type 3

2. Anti-static Plastic Tip Tweezer - ESD00

3. Razor Blade

4. Anti - static Glass Wiper

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