Turn iPhone 11 Pro Into iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Can iPhone 11 Pro possibly be turned into iPhone 11 Pro Max? It is actually theoretically possible. With pins of the two phones’ display connector and touch connector functioning almost the same, we can turn an iPhone 11 Pro into an iPhone 11 Pro Max by changing board ID resistors. Check our video now and find out how we finally made it.

Warm Tips: This video is made for technique sharing only. For those who have no professional skills, please look before you leap.

Tools & Parts used to separate iPhone 11 Pro:

Hot Air Gun Rework Station: http://bit.ly/33xMrgw

Straight Tweezers: http://bit.ly/2MD3iYo

Phillips Screwdriver: http://bit.ly/2IS9bQf

Pentalobe Screwdriver: http://bit.ly/35ycohG

Tri-wing Screwdriver: http://bit.ly/2MUx3UT

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform: http://bit.ly/35zMFWf

Anti-static Pry Bar: http://bit.ly/2oyTvuz

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