CMG Glass Lens - Solution to iPhone Bezel Frame Coming Off

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Lots of people complain that the glass + HMG(hot melt glue) frame will not properly adhere to the screen, and will easily detach from the screen later. How to solve the problem that the iPhone bezel is easy to come off? More and more third-party manufacturers apply cold press technology to glass lenses with front bezel and claim it will help get rid of bezel frame separating from glass issue after refurbishing.

So is this really the case? REWA did a series of tests on these two types of glass with front bezels. Let’s wait and see which one is better.

HMG and CMG Glass Lens With Bezel Test Procedures:

High-Temperature Test

Low-Temperature Test

Home Button Hole Fitness Test

Hydrophobic Effect Test

Light Transmittance Test

Proximity Sensor Test

Impact Resistance Test

Bending Test

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