Fix iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass In 3 Minutes

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iPhone X back glass is fragile and difficult to repair because it is connected to the housing with welds and glue. We have already released

 a video about how to repair iPhone X broken back glass with a special dispergator. Whereas, it is inefficient and the dispergator has not 

been put in mass production yet. Today we are going to introduce a new separator to fix iPhone X back glass in an easier and more 

efficient way.Let's check the video to see how to fix iPhone X glass back with the new arrived iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass Seperator.

Tools and Products Used:

iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass Seperator

Anti-cutting Glove

Air Compressor - 30L

iPhone 8 Back Glass Assembly Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus Back Glass Assembly Replacement

iPhone X Back Glass Assembly Replacement

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