For Safe & Efficient FACE ID Repair - REWA SELECTED WYLIE Intelligent Preheating Platform

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Hot Air Guns are commonly used for desoldering/soldering in Face ID repair. However, the operation of a hot air gun is difficult and it can easily bring damage to components. And that's why REWA LAB brings you this brand-new Heating Platform. Specially designed for Face ID repair, the heating platform can heat Face ID parts evenly and efficiently with simple operation. Check out our video now and you will definitely be surprised!

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00:00 Intro

00:18 WYLIE Intelligent Preheating Platform

00:35 Temperature Setting

01:27 Ambient Light Sensor&Flood Illuminator Repair

02:29 Front Camera&Infrared Camera& Dot Projector Removing

04:08 Dot Projector Repair

05:13 Separating/recombining of double-stacked motherboards

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