How To Fix iPhone 7 Home Button Not Working After Water Damage

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Water damage is a common issue for iPhone in daily use. In this video, the home button of iPhone 7 is not working after water damaged, 

because lines on logic board get corroded and damaged. Since there is a high failure risk in repairing, REWA LAB presents you a method 

to fix heavily corroded and damaged logic board step by step by Ultrasonic Cleaner and making jumper wire. To fix your iPhone 7 home

button issue caused by water damage, please follow the repair operations of our tutorial video.


Tools Used:

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Hot Air Gun Rework Station - 990AD

Soldering Iron Rework Station - 969A

Digital Multimeter - F17B+ -Type 3

4x Optical Microscope - KS7045

PCB holder for iPhone Repair

Ultrasonic Cleaner - A80

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