How To Fix iPhone 7-8 Plus Touch ID Not Working

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For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P, 80% of Touch ID issues are caused by broken home button cable. We need to jump wires on both two layers of wires on the home button cable. Since the bottom layer comes with more wires than the upper layer, it is difficult and the home button cable might also be damaged.

However, with the iPhone 7-8P Home Button Repair Socket Cable, we don't need to join up the bottom layer of wires by jumping wires. Check our video


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iPhone 7-8P Home Button Repair Socket Cable:

Lead-free Soldering Station:

861DW Hot Air Gun:

Repair Platform:

Straight Tweezers:

0.02mm Varnished Wire:


UV Dryer Lamp:

UV Solder Mask:

Solder Paste:


Pry Bar:

Soft Brush:

Double-sided Tape:

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