How To Fix iPhone X Face ID Failed After Repairing

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Generally, replacing screen will not affect the normal use of face ID. However, we have got some feedback from our 

customers and fans that iPhone X face ID failed after screen replacement. Therefore we guess the problem is caused

by improper operations during the repair, which results in the damage of flex cables or other components. Our video

today is going to troubleshoot the iPhone X face ID failure caused by the damage of flex cable. iPhone X face ID not working after changing screen? Let's check the video for the solution. 

Tools & Spare Parts: 

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Tri-wing Screwdriver - Type 2

Anti-static Wrist Strap

Straight Tweezer - Type 3

4x Optical Microscope - KS7045

PCB Cleaner - 250ml

BGA Strip Flux Soldering Paste

Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar

Heat-resisting Adhesive Tape - 5.0mm

100g Solder Wire - Type 1

iPhone X Spare Parts

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