Face ID Is Not Available on iPhone X/XS? Here is The Real Fix

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Face ID lets you securely unlock your iPhone, authenticate purchases and sign in to apps all with just a glance. However, due to the vulnerability of the Face ID parts, it can be easily damaged when iPhone X is dropped or during screen replacement, which will result in Face ID failure. Do not worry. In this video, REWA guides you to fix Face ID Is Not Available step by step.

Tools Used:

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Soldering Iron Rework Station - 969A

Electron Microscope - Type 1

LCD Opening Pliers

Heat-resisting Adhesive Tape

BGA Flux

Solder Wire

Straight Tweezers


Sculpture Knife

Soft Brush

Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar

UV Curable Solder Mask

UV Glue Curing Lamp

0.02mm Varnished Wire

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