How To Fix Samsung S6 edge Plus No Display Black Screen

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Samsung black screen and blurred screen issue are usually caused by the damage of OLED relevant inductors. Our video today is about 

Samsung S6 edge plus black screen fix. In this video, samsung s6 edge plus works but with blank screen. After measurement of OLED 

supply voltage and relevant components, we finally confirm the fault component as OLED relevant inductor F9013. The phone turns on 

with normal display after replacing of the damaged component. Lets check the video to see how to fix samsung s6 edge plus no display issue.

Tools Used:

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Hot Air Gun Rework Station - 990AD

Digital Multimeter

Curved Hook Tweezer

Optical Microscope

Soft Brush - type 4

Sculpture Knife - Type 1

BGA Strip Flux Soldering Paste

PCB Holder - Type 1

0.1mm Gold LCD Cutting Wire - 1500M

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