iPhone 6 Error 9 CPU Repair Without BGA Reballing

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Have you ever come across with iPhone 6 error 9 issue? Error 9 often appears when processing firmware update or system restores by iTunes. Several reasons are attributed towards the problem, and we have alredy posted a solution for iPhone error 9 fix related to the NAND Flash error before. This time REWA comes with a totally different solution regarding to iPhone 6 error 9 caused by insufficient soldering within CPU BGA. With the help of our newly developed CNC chip grinding machine, chip removing can be safe and quick without damaging the logic board and nearby chips.

Four steps to help you to solve the iPhone 6 error 9 issue. 

1. Phone Disassembling

The phone is stuck in Recovery Mode when trying to start up. Connect it with computer and start system restore via iTunes.

Error 9 appears. Disassemble the phone and take out the logic board. Remove a part of the shield plate with cutting nipper.

2. Malfunction Diagnosing

Test grounding resistance value of resistor R0317 and R0316 with diode mode-Abnormal value (480 under normal circumstances). R0317 and R0316 are connected with CPU pin AP31-SDA and pin AR31-SCL directly.

3. Malfunction Repairing

Take down the shield plate of CPU with hot air gun. Then put the logic board on the corresponding position of the CNC mold and fix it tightly. Load iPhone 6 corresponding logic board chip grinding program and start grinding.

Once finished, take out the logic board and use a sculpture knife to scrape carefully until the CPU sublayer circuit comes out. After that, clean with PCB cleaner.

Apply some UV curable solder mask to the exposed area, apart from the two bonding pads (SDA,SCL). Once it has been done, put the logic board under the UV dryer lamp for 10 minutes and then take out the logic board.

Solder tins on the two bonding pads with soldering iron. Then solder the 0.02mm copper wire to the two bonding pads respectively. The two soldered wires connect R0317-corresponding pad SDA and R0317-corresponding pad SCL respectively.

Test grounding resistance value of R0317,R0316 with diode mode again-Normal value this time.

4. Phone Testing

Assemble the phone and restore via iTunes. Then activate the phone and test, malfunction fixed.

Once test finished, take out the logic board. Then apply some UV curable solder mask to the soldered place again. Put the logic board under the UV dryer lamp for 10 minutes.

Assemble the phone and test again, all work normally.

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Tools Used:

CNC Chip Grinding Machine

Screw Drivers

Tweezers (ESD–10 / ESD–15)

LCD Opening Pliers (M)

Cutting Nipper

Maintenance Platform

Electron Microscope

Digital Multimeter

Soldering Iron

Hot Air Gun

Sculpture Knife

Solder Wire

UV Dryer Lamp

Anti-static Wrist Strap

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