iPhone 6 Keeps Searching For Signal - Logic Board Repair

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Why does your iPhone says “Searching for signal”

iPhone 6 keeps searching for signal? There are many possibilities for the causes of iPhone showing "searching" issue. As soon as they see "Searching", a lot of people assume the built-in antenna on their iPhone is broken and head straight for the Apple Store. While it’s true that a defective internal antenna can cause the iPhone searching problem, it is by no means the only cause. You may try to figure it out by replacing a new SIM card, restarting the phone or resetting the network.

What if these do not work? This video introduced a logic board solution to fix iPhone 6 constantly searching for network. Let's check the video for the detailed tutorial.

How To Fix An iPhone That Says Searching

We’ll walk you through the process of troubleshooting an iPhone that says iPhone searching for network, and help you fix the problem, if it can be fixed.

We structure our articles with the simple fixes first, and then we move on to the more complicated fixes if and when they become necessary. If we discover there really is a hardware problem with your iPhone, you can watch our video and we will steps to teach you how to repair your iPhone keeps searching for service.

1.Turn your iPhone off turn on again

This is a simple and necessary steps, when you turn on your iPhone again and then you need to check if your iPhone can search the signal?

2. Update your carrier settings

Sometimes wireless carriers release software updates that change the way your iPhone interacts with the cellular network. Sometimes, these updates fix problems that can cause your iPhone to say “Searching…” all the time. 

3. Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings restores your iPhone’s cellular data configuration back to factory defaults. It’s an easy way to eliminate the possibility that an accidental change in the Settings app is preventing your iPhone from connecting to the network. 

4.Fix Problems With Your SIM Card

All iPhones have a tiny SIM card that wireless carriers use to identify specific iPhones on their network. Your SIM card gives your iPhone your phone number - it’s what tells your carrier you’re you. SIM card problems are a common reason why iPhones say “Searching for service”.

If these steps are not solve your iPhone keeps searching for service, so it means your hardware is broken, you can watch our video to help you solve this question.

There are all the tools we have used on iPhone 6 keep searching signal repair video:

Sculpture Knife

Anti-static Glass Wiper

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Digital Soldering Iron Rework Station

Straigt Tweezer - type 3

Apple iPad Touch Screen Digitizer

Apple IC and Components

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