iPhone 6s WiFi Module Repair Tutorial

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Many people have experience of an unstable Wi-Fi connection or not able to connect to WiFi network at all, iPhone 6S WiFi failed to be turned on, the reboot did not work either. Don't worry. Here we have the solutions for the WIFI module repair which can repair WIFI connection failure problem in 8 minutes by replacing the WIFI module.

To fix the iPhone 6S WiFi failure, we need to bond a new WiFi module and refresh the flash drive data. Here are all the detail steps of how to repair iPhone 6S WiFi Module.

The Tools and materials we need to use::

  1. PCI-E Hard Disk Repair Tool

  2. Hot Air Gun with Electric Soldering Station

  3. PCB Holder - Type 2

  4. 100g Solder Wire - Type 1 

  5. Insulation Mat for Maintenance Platform 

  6. Soldering Paste 50g - Type 1

  7. Apple iPhone 6s IC Solder Repair Plate BGA Tencil

  8. 1.5*25mm Philip Screwdriver 

The detailed steps:

1. Open iPhone 6S screen and detach the flex cables and take out the logic board

2. Fix logic board with PCB holder, Stick heat resistant tape on 2 sides of WiFi module to prevent damage; and adjust the hot gun at 240℃ and scrape off the black adhesive

3.(Set hot air gun to 320℃ ), blow WiFi module for 1 minute for 1 minute and pry it with sculpture knife, apply some Paste Flux, remove tin with Soldering Iron, apply some rosin on solder wick, slick the Bonding Pad

4.Clean the Bonding Pad with PCB cleaner, stick heat resistant tape on 2 sides of the flash drive,  blow flash drive for 1 minute and pry it, clean the Bonding Pad

5.. Connect System Repair Tool to the computer with data cable and Press the power on-off button, open the software and refresh port, install the flash drive in the right direction, press the reset button

6. Access to the highest authority of flash drive and wait for all data query, you will see the WiFi and Bluetooth address(About the detail of this step, you can watch the tutorial video )

7. Take out the flash drive, apply some Paste Flux, align new WiFi module with Bonding Pad and blow the flash drive for 1 minute at 280℃, add a fresh coat of solder paste on the flash drive with BGA Stencil, heat the paste at 280℃ until soldering ball forming 

8.Align flash drive in right direction and heat for 1 minute at 280℃, after cool down, remove the residue from WiFi module and flash drive

9. the last, install the logic board, LCD screen, and then you can test your WiFi.

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