iPhone 6s Overheating Fix - Exclusive Logic Board Repair

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iPhone 6s overheating and getting hot? Usually the problem is caused by excessive running apps, but in this tutorial video, we

demonstrated a logic board repair method. After current detecting and rosin detecting, we can confirm that the problem was

caused by damaged capacitors inside the WiFi module. With our repairing experience, we adopt a exclusive repair solution to

fix the iPhone 6s high temperature warning screen issue.

Tools Used:

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Digital Hot Air Rework Station - 861DW

Digital Soldering Iron Rework Station - 203H

Straight Tweezer - Type 3

PCB Cleaner

Heat-resisting Adhesive

Soft Brush - Type 1

Sculpture Knife

PCB Holder - Type 1

Communication Maintenance Power Supply

High Purity Rosin Soldering Flux

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