iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass Repair

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Rear cameras of iPhone 11 series greatly increase the difficulty of back glass repair. REWA LAB tried different solutions (heating with the Hot Air Gun, separating with the dispergator/freeze assistance) and we were unable to remove the glass around the triple-lens camera safely and efficiently. Check our iPhone 11 Pro back glass repair video now and hope we can enlighten you somehow. Please let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comment below.

Tools & Parts used in this iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass Refurbishing video:

Laser Separator Machine: http://bit.ly/2W3cbyK

Hot Air Gun Rework Station: http://bit.ly/2W68TdZ

Straight Tweezers: http://bit.ly/2pFk0hV

Metal Pry Piece: http://bit.ly/31Di9aG

Plastic Pry Card: http://bit.ly/2BA0C8A

Anti - Cutting Gloves: http://bit.ly/31yV1dv

Cutting Nipper: http://bit.ly/2ByNnoI

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