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Some repair technicians repair motherboards according to experience and thus the repair result cannot be guaranteed. Only when you comprehend the phone working principles can the motherboard problems be fully resolved. REWA Academy is about to launch the iPhone 11 Pro motherboard repair online course, providing technicians with systematic motherboard repair knowledge.

Products recommended in this video:

Practical Board for iPhone Repair with CPU (5PCS/Set):https://bit.ly/2R9AuMQ

iPhone 11 Pro Course pre-order link:https://bit.ly/2PtEHdY

iPhone Motherboard Repair Training Book (REWA Exclusive):https://bit.ly/2MJmPKy

For more discount, you can contact our wholesale team:https://shop.rewa.tech/wholesale.html

Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: sales@rewa.tech

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