iPhone 11 Pro Motherboard Separating & Recombination

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iPhone new series have undergone considerable changes on both inside and outside. Especially on the motherboard. How will these changes affect the repair industry? Will it make third-party repair harder or easier? Follow our iPhone 11 Pro motherboard separation&recombination video today and find the answer by yourself.

Tools & Parts used to separate iPhone 11 Pro:

Hot Air Gun Rework Station: http://bit.ly/2mCZlK4

Straight Tweezers: http://bit.ly/2n7GB5x

Phillips Screwdriver: http://bit.ly/2n9fWp1

Pentalobe Screwdriver: http://bit.ly/2lC01iy

Tri-wing Screwdriver: http://bit.ly/2lEgC5l

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform: http://bit.ly/2mDPNy8

Anti-static Pry Bar: http://bit.ly/2lA5HJR

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