iPhone 12/12 Pro Motherboard Analysis (A14 Bionic, 5G Network, LiDAR Scanner, Face ID Parts, PMU)

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Compared with the iPhone 11 series, the motherboard separation of the iPhone 12 has become more difficult with different components structure. Today, REWA LAB will separate the iPhone 12 motherboard, demonstrating separation and recombination operation process. This video will give you a comprehensive analysis of the structure and repair difficulties.

*Source: iREPAIR, Bloomberg, Apple

Recommended Items for iPhone 12 Series Repair:

REFOX Upgraded Laser Marking Machine (Mini Ver.)

REFOX Screen Protector Cutting Machine Set

Motherboard Repair Tool Kit (Entry-Level)

SG-T26 Soldering Station And Material Set

0.12mm Reballing Stencil (iPhone 12 Series)

Sandalwood Knife Kit

Lightning Connector Flex Cable

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