iPhone Samsung Huawei Xiaomi Back Glass/Bezel Separator Laser Marking Machine

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With the continuous upgrading of the manufacturing technology of glass back, together with the fast growing of 5G networks, the demand for back glass refurbishing is also increasing day by day. Therefore, a convenient and efficient back glass separating machine will definitely be a big boost to your repair business. In our video today, REWA brings you a multifunctional laser machine that can complete back glass refurbishing without disassembling the phone. The laser machine can be widely used in bezel/back glass separating and glass/metal back marking with stable running and long service life. Follow us and take a closer look at it now!

REWA is dedicated to providing products and services for business clients (repair shops, refurbishing factories, etc.) and data recovery services for individual clients. As for other repair demands of individual clients, repair shops nearby would be a good choice for you.

iPhone/ Samsung/ Huawei/ Xiaomi Back Glass/Bezel Separator Laser Marking Engraving Machine

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