iPhone X Incoming Calls Not Showing - Fixed By Jumping Wires

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Right now, there are few solutions to fix iPhone not responding in sleep mode when getting incoming calls. The general repair process of a repair technician is to take out the motherboard, check PMU and baseband CPU, and then replace or re-solder the faulty component. The whole repair process is complicated and difficult. Check out our video today and REWA LAB will show you a brand new ‘signal borrowing’ solution to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Products recommended in this video:

Soldering Station and Material Set

iPhone X Series Logic Board Repair Course

00:00 Intro

00:26 Tools & Materials

00:56 Diagnosis

02:37 Confirm the Signal Location

03:27 Borrow Signal by Jumping a wire

05:50 Assemble the Phone and Test

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