Logic Board Repair Is Hard? Just Resort To REWA!

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Have no ideas with your faulty logic boards? Don' t how to handle the tough repairs? Why not resort to REWA? We have been offering chip level logic board repair services for iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Professional experts and techniques can set you free from heavy and difficult repairs. Just 5 steps, we can solve almost all your iPhone, iPad and MacBook motherboard repair problems.

1. Inquiry

Contact our sales and get a probable price. We will then assist you on package and logistic.

2. Sending

Each logic board shall be labeled with basic information, such as model, problem description and serial no. Like this, DIAGNOSTIC No power on, 6s no proximity sensor(proximity sensor chip). After well packed and please send to REWA HongKong office and don't forget to provide your e-packing list, picture of package and tracking number to us.

3. Confirming 

When we received your logic boards, we will check and provide you a confirm report with models, problems and prices for your confirmation. If you are not agreed with our report, then your logic board would be sent back. If you agree our report, we would start repairing process 

4. Paying & repairing

Our engineers will diagnose and fix your logic board, all the logic boards would be fixed within one week.

5. Receiving

Once the repairing completed, we would provide a PI for you and the repaired boards would be sent after payment has been confirmed. You can just wait for receiving your logic boards and return them to your clients.

If you have any suggestions or questions please don't hesitate to contact us sales@rewatechnology.com 

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