Non-Genuine Battery Warning / Important Battery Message 100% Fix (iPhone XS And Above Models)

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For iPhone XS and above, when a third-party battery or a genuine replacement battery is replaced by a third-party repair shop that isn't one of Apple's authorized partners, the battery health menu will show a warning about being ‘unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine iPhone battery’. How to remove the annoying message? Check out our video today and see how REWA LAB fixes the problem with a hardware solution.

Warm tips: professional techniques and handwork skills are required during the process. Repair beginners are not recommended to imitate the operation.

Products used in this video

Portable Spot Welder

Screwdriver Set

Magic Screw Memory Mat

Heating Separate Temperature Controller Station

Anti-static Straight Tweezer

Powerful LCD Opener

Anti-static Pry Bar

Battery Activation Board

For iPhone Battery Cells or Welding Machine, you can contact our account manager.

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06:55 Welding the BMS

08:45 Activate The Battery

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