Professional Solution - Mobile Phone Broken LCD Refurbishing Solution V3.0

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As the develop of cellphone LCD refurbishing industry and the feedbacks of our customers, REWA updated the LCD refurbish solution to V3.0. The new screen refurbish solution owns the features of time saving, easy operation and higher performance.

Never worry about your broken screens. Whether LCD refurbishing, broken LCD recycle, Third-party refurbish or chip level repair service, REWA always has solutions right for you.

Professional Solutions Updates:

1. New manual LCD sepatator: built-in vacuum pump, better performance and physical appearance.

2. New glue removing machine: save you much time and freight with higher efficiency and lighter weight, which has no damage to the LCD touch screen, and is easy to operation.

3. New OCA/POL film Laminator: more precision and easier operation.

4. New bubble removing autoclave: it is equipped with automatic cooling system to cool itself down after the process complete.

5. Bezel glue dispensing machine: For the common use of glue applied bezel, we seldom use a bezel glue dispensing machine,It’s high time for you to remove it from our purchasing list.

6. One Air Compressor saved.

7. Vacuum Pump saved.

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