//Quick Solution - iPhone 8/X Broken Back Glass Repair/Replacement/

Quick Solution - iPhone 8/X Broken Back Glass Repair/Replacement

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<p><span style="line-height: 0px;"></span>It is widely reported that iPhone 8/X glass back is very difficult to repair and costs even more than screen replacement. REWA here released a new and quicker solution to repair the iPhone X/8 broken back glass cheaply and high efficiently with the combination of dispergator and ultrasonic cleaner. Compared with traditional heating solution which takes more than 2 hours to separate the glass, REWA&#39;s new solution for iPhone 8 back glass replacement will cost you only 10 minutes! Let&#39;s check the video for iPhone 8 back glass refurbishing demo.</p><p><br/></p><p>Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at <a href="http://sales@rewatechnology.com" target="_self">sales@rewatechnology.com</a></p>

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