The Assembling Process of REWA Battery

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All batteries are consumables. According to Apple, the battery would only last 80% of its original capacity after 500 complete cycles. So you might need to replace your battery and enjoy an optimal play-time. 

Thanks to the advanced assembling process, REWA battery has been enjoyed a low RMA rate all the time. The whole process including:

1. Storage warehouse 

2. Incoming material inspection

3. Automatic assembling

4. Battery cell preparation

5. Laser welding

6. Insulating tape sticking

7. L-shaped Nickle bending

8. Protection board bending

9. Manual FPC shaping

10. Forming tape sticking

11. Function test

Check our video today for more details. 

REWA certified Replacement Battery for iPhone/iPad/Samsung/Huawei

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