Three Steps To Fix iPhone 8 Plus WiFi Not Working

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When WiFi is grayed out on an iPhone, it's most likely due to the damage of WiFi module. Unfortunately, you can't just swap the WiFi IC. The WIFI address is linked and stored in the NAND chip. So in order to replace the WiFi chip, we must use a PCIE NAND chip programmer to unbind the WiFi address. Follow our video for the detailed steps.

Tools Used:

PCIE Programmer For iPhone8/8 Plus/X

Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform

Communication Maintenance Power Supply

Hot Air Gun Rework Station - 990AD

Soldering Iron Rework Station - 969A

Electron Microscope - Type 1

LCD Opening Pliers

Heat-resisting Adhesive Tape

BGA Flux

Solder Wir

Straight Tweezers

Anti-static Wrist Strap

Scraping Knife

Soft Brush

Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar

Digital Multimeter

Three Steps To Fix iPhone 8 Plus WiFi Not Working/ Won't Turn On Problem

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