Upgrade iPhone X 64GB Storage to 256GB in 5 Steps with iREPAIR DFU Box

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REWA LAB has been constantly working on mobile phone repair solutions. Whether it is as simple as broken screen replacement or as complicated as chip-level motherboard repair. With the development of science and technology, mobile phone repair solutions are also constantly improving. Today we will show you how to upgrade the storage of iPhone X from 64GB to 256GB with the help of iREPAIR DFU Box instead of traditional NAND chip programmers.

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The Sandalwood Knife Kits

Motherboard Repair Tool Kit for Entry-Level

00:00 Intro

00:14 Upgrade iPhone X 64GB Storage to 256GB in 5 Steps

01:40 Back Up 64GB NAND

03:38 Remove 64GB NAND

05:36 256GB NAND Reballing

06:49 Solder 256GB NAND

07:30 Restore In DFU Mode

08:49 Write 64GB NAND Data To 256GB NAND

10:22 Test

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